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Pokérole 2.0

A New Adventure just got here! Pokérole 2.0 upgrades on every level, by removing Levels (?). Sounds weird, but try it out, We're sure you're going to like it.

Sorry about the delay, we wanted to release 2.0 on November 1st, but we had some technical issues, so here we are, three days later but still on schedule!

We noticed something: sometimes we make changes to the page, but it doesn't update until days later. Even if you don't see the changes right away, don't worry, they will show up eventually, right? It's not like it could take years to update.

Anyway, even though we're finally here, remember that Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee! are coming out on a a couple of weeks. Don't worry, our dads work at nintendo, so we got that content before the videogame's release! YES! You heard us! We're a couple of games ahead but please DON'T TELL ANYONE! Otherwise "They" might censor our beloved Pokérole 2.0 and you won't be able to see or download all of these great changes! Spoilers: No es mentira, es Hada.

Now I give you the Changelog for today, November 4th, 2018.



⦁ Diificulty Settings Table on page 29 should state: "Required Successes" instead of "Removed Successes".

⦁ Pokémon Skill Points should be distributed according to their Rank. At Starter, they should have 5 Points to distribute just like Trainers.

⦁ Added Missing Pokémon. ⦁ Added Missing Moves.

⦁ Added Missing Normal Z-Move.


⦁ Main Regions - Added Galar Region ⦁ Antagonists - Added Team Yell

STARTING THE GAME ⦁ Filling a Character Sheet - Points to allocate depend on Rank and Age. ⦁ Creating a Pokémon - Points to allocate depend on Rank. ⦁ Pokémon now choose Moves from their current and previous Ranks, instead of using Experience. ⦁ Insight Attribute increases Will and Learned Moves. ⦁ Added Optional Rule to use Insight as Special Defense. ⦁ Social Attributes - No longer linked to Attributes. ⦁ Skills - Points to allocate depend on Rank. ⦁ Fight, Survival, Contest & Knowledges are now just Categories, not Skills. ⦁ Specialties were removed. ⦁ Health Points - Readjusted HP formula. ⦁ Will Points - Ignoring Pain Penalizations now last 1 scene or Battle. ⦁ Disobedience was removed. ⦁ Rolling the Dice - Rule of 1's was removed. ⦁ New system focuses on scoring more successes instead of lowering your Dicepools. ⦁ The difficulty of an Action no longer reduces your Dicepool, instead it REQUIRES more successes. ⦁ Scoring 3 less successes than required, causes a Critical Failure. ⦁ Experience Points were removed. ⦁ New Ranking System focuses on achievements to make your Character and Pokémon stronger, instead of using Experience.

NATURES ⦁ Added Confidence rating to each Nature.

POKÉMON BATTLES ⦁ How to Battle - Evasion and Clash can be performed only once each Round. ⦁ Damage - Even if you score no successes on your Damage Roll, the foe always receives 1 damage. ⦁ You must score at least 1 success on Damage Rolls to apply Super Effective. ⦁ Critical Hits - You must score 3 more successes than required to apply the Critical Hit bonus. ⦁ Multiple Actions - They no longer reduce your Dicepool, instead they require successes. ⦁ New Trainer Actions: Switch Pokémon, Use an Item, Search for Cover, Enter the Fray, and Run Away. ⦁ Pain Penalizations no longer reduce your Dicepools, instead they remove successes from your Actions. ⦁ Single Action Bonus was removed. ⦁ Lower Accuracy no longer reduces your Dicepool, instead it removes successes from your action. ⦁ Weather Conditions - New Weather Conditions. ⦁ Status Conditions - Readjusted Status Conditions.

POKÉMON CONTEST ⦁ Added Pokémon Contest. ⦁ New Stress System for Contests and dire situations. ⦁ New Contest Ranking. ⦁ New Notoriety Skills: Fame, Supporters, Connections, Sponsors.

CATCHING POKÉMON ⦁ Using Pokéballs - Pokéball Dicepools were modified. ⦁ Steps to Catch a Pokémon - Now you must score a specific amount of successes depending on the Pokémon's Rank in order to catch it.

TRAINING POKÉMON ⦁ Training Sessions - May be done once per day. ⦁ Training Rolls - Quickly raise a Pokémon's Rank in order to easily add new Pokémon to your Team. ⦁ Retrain - Not happy with your strategy? Change it by reallocating Points on your Pokémon. ⦁ Overrank - Not fully evolved Pokémon may learn a Move from one Rank higher if they get Overranked; Fully evolved Pokémon may learn Moves from Pro Rank if they get Overranked.

ITEMS FOR THE JOURNEY ⦁ Some Items were readjusted for 2.0. ⦁ Vitamins bonuses now last for 1 month.

POKÉDEX ⦁ Added "Suggested Rank" for all Pokémon. ⦁ "Experience Cost for Moves" was removed, instead, added the required Rank to learn a Move. ⦁ Added Legendary Pokémon Attributes, Moves and Info. ⦁ Added Galar Pokédex.

POKÉMON MOVES ⦁ Readjusted Effects for 2.0. ⦁ Rebalanced Moves. ⦁ New Moves from Sword and Shield. ⦁ Added Moves for Legendary Pokémon. ⦁ Added Max Moves and G-Max Moves. ⦁ Readjusted Combat Maneuvers for 2.0.

POKÉMON ABILITIES ⦁ Readjusted Abilities for 2.0. ⦁ Rebalanced Abilities. ⦁ New Abilities from Sword and Shield. ⦁ Added Abilities for Legendary Pokémon.

CHALLENGES AHEAD ⦁ New Rival System. ⦁ New Legendary Ranking System to be expanded on future supplement "Spirit of Champions". ⦁ Basic Optional rules for Hero, Demi-God, God, Firstborn, and Original One. ⦁ Basic Optional rules for Z-Moves, Mega-Evolution and Heroic Characters.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Philosophy for 2.0 Over the course of the develpment of 2.0 we've tried to tackle a few issues regarding these core concepts: -We want the Battles to play faster. -We want you to try new Pokémon and new strategies. -We want Players to have more opportunity to Roleplay.

Now, here's what we did.

We want the Battles to play faster. Doing so meant reducing the capacity to mitigate damage, via Evasion/Clash and Vitality, without making the Battle something deadly. This has the benefit of forcing Trainers to change Pokémon more often. How did we solve it?

⦁ No dicepool reductions - don't lose time, just roll your dice. ⦁ Evasion and Clash can be performed only once per Round. ⦁ High VITALITY will never negate all damage.

The sum of these 3 things should greatly improve the speed of your Battles.

We want you to try new Pokémon and new strategies. This problem is also present on the videogames. Once you have an established Team, it's hard to change a member; or, you have 1 very strong Pokémon, and all the others are neglected. How did we solve it?

⦁ Rank System provides a solid base to balance all your Pokémon. If you are a Strong Trainer, you'll have Strong Pokémon. ⦁ Training Sessions allow you to take a newly catched Pokémon, and get it to be useful almost right away. Now it's not a matter of just How strong it is, but How you use it. ⦁ Retraining, allows you to try new strategies and quickly change a Pokémon's role in your Team. Not all Pokémon need to be fighters.

We want Players to have more opportunity to Roleplay. We love Pokémon Battles as much as the next guy, but we also want you to have fun outside of Battles, and add Character develpment as you go. How did we solve it?

⦁ Rank System is focused on Achievements, little things you do here and there. Since you are a Pokémon Trainer, these Achievements are focused on that, HOWEVER! There's also the suggestion that you let Players add their own personal Goals as part of the Achievements required to raise their Rank. ⦁ Rival System. Yes, these guys just got here to make your life miserable. And they are incredibly annoying. They will challenge your Character's ideals, life, and Pokémon. It's a great addition that won't let a single scene be boring. ⦁ Pokémon Contests. Now Pokémon Contests have always been a minigame, but that doesn't mean that they can't be fun or have lasting effects. Contests offer a HUGE deal regarding Character Development via Notoriety Skills, each one will immensely change the way your character interacts with the world.

We tried giving more freedom to Pokémon Contests, where everyone had to come up with an original performance, but it was tiring. That method consumed a lot of time because not everyone might be as creative.

Coming up with new performances everytime is tough, so most people reversed back into monotony which was no fun. Specially for the Storyteller who had to come up with performances for one or many NPCs.

Now, when you play Contests, you may state something simple: We dance, we sing, we show off some skill, but the Tricks are not your show, they are simply the way you try to get ahead or to push the other Contestants back by being nasty.

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