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Character Sheets

We would like to show some pics from the Character Sheets.

You can download the files to create your own Pokémon and Trainer from the RESOURCES section.

When designing Player Characters, we wanted to create a unique experience. Characters are not disposable. We want the players to see their characters, to like them from the get go, even before playing. The sheets are part of the fun, they can be folded, cut, read or placed on the table in many different ways. They can be hidden from players and Storyteller to be revealed as trump cards!

The folding and cutting of the sheets is quite simple and obvious, but we include a quick guide about that topic in their description, because not all kids are used to this kind of activity.

We used a printing service in our city, but you can use your own printer at home.

These sheets are printed in Couché Paper. It's ok if you don't want to get that fancy, but it's certaintly a huge plus!

Go ahead and create your own characters, you may share them with the community! You may use drawings, stickers, picture files or whatever you want. Have fun!

Is that a sneak peek of the book? : O


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