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We are a team of game enthusiasts who back in 2009 started playing a homebrew version of a Pokémon RPG.

Since we were children we were marveled with the fantastic world of Pocket Monsters and we wanted to explore some depths of the game that we could only imagine, we wanted to expand the game experience beyond a hand-held console. Even if we could not be there physically, at least we could let our imaginations take us on a journey of wonder and adventure within this world.

What started as homebrew, soon got its own system of rules and rebalances, lots of testing with a variety of people, regular RPG players, and newbies, as well as people with little knowledge of the pokemon universe and others who knew what IV's were even before the internet.

We wanted to make a simple system that would be easy to learn on the go, and we have finally come to the point when it is ready to be shared with the world.

So brace yourself for your very own adventure and Welcome to the world of Pokémon!



Pokérole Corebook Updated once more!

Thank you for your patience. We will continue to update and fix the grammar as we go. If you find any errors, please, let us know and we'll proceed to correct it for the next update.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon module!


Want to play as a Pokémon? This is your chance! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon includes all the rules you need to create Pokémon Player Characters and a tabletop Random Dungeon Generator.


Portada Pagina 2.0.png

PokéRole 2.0 is ready!

Download Now!


Who'll be the first to defeat the Elite Four and get to Master Rank?

I wonder.


Devon Co.



Sylph Co.



Pokémon Contest!


Contests are serious business! Quick to set up, easy to learn, and ready to go. The rewards for winning will make your jaw drop!

Pokémon League




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