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Pokerole V.1.2 Changelog

Sun and Moon are here and Pokerole can't get left behind, we have updated not only the new material but also changed the core mechanics of our game, many changes are things that you have asked us to and we are happy to enrich our game with your help. Here are the main changes this new edition has for you:

Pokémon the Role Playing Game by Pokerole Project V. 1.20



Table of Contents

• Changed the Navigation Hyperlinks to Regular File Bookmarks.

Starting the Game Chapter

• Changed the section's order.

• By popular demand we changed “Canalize” Specialty name to “Channel”

• Added the “Clash” Specialty for Pokémon to have more exciting battles.

• Changed “Melee” to “Weapons” and made it for Humans-Only, as to open a bit more to fantasy play for Trainer Characters. (Weapons are still Plot Device, though)

Pokemon Battles Chapter

• Simplified the way Multiple Actions work.

• Added the “Clashing Attacks” Mechanic.

• Extended “Cover” Section.

• Simplified the way Healing in-battle works and increased Complete Heal Moves limit of HP restoration per round.

• Clarified some of the wording on Priority moves.

• Changed the way the Status Ailment “Confused” works.

• Changed some of the wording on the “Sleep” Status Ailment.

Catching Pokémon Chapter

• Added a small section for “Alternative Forms”

Pokédex Chapter

• Added Starter Icons.

• Changed the word “age” to “level”.

• Updated Pokémon with Attribute and Moves modifications on Sun & Moon.

• Added Alola Forms.

• Added Hidden Abilities in some Pokémon.

• Added Alola Pokedex.

• Moved a lot of subtext to a single section called “Relevant Notes”.

Moves Chapter

• Added Sun & Moon Moves

• Added the “Switcher” Icon for the Moves: U-Turn, Parting Shot, Dragon Tail, Volt Switch, Circle Throw, Baton Pass, Roar, Ally Switch and the like.

We noticed a loophole in which you could create a chain of switches within the same round. Now if a member of your party already used a “Switcher” Move during the round no other member of your party may use another.

• Changed “Soft Boiled” Accuracy Roll.

• Gave TM's a little bit more of structure, they now cost 15 Exp. Points to learn.

Pokémon Abilities Chapter

• Added Sun & Moon Abilities

Challenges Ahead Chapter

• Removed The Random Encounter Examples and replaced them with a simple guide on how to design an Encounter.

Although we've been kind busy with other projects and work, we try to modify, twitch, fix and improve the game at every chance we get.

RPGs are a collaborative game that requires the efforts of the storyteller and the players

in order to build a fun gaming session. That is also true for us when writing the books and supplements.

We thank the community because of their support and insight. Together we build a better game.

We're not native english speakers. Many changes regarding grammar and semantics have been pointed out by many Pokémon fans. We have checked and double checked the book. There may be some errors left (hopefully not that many), if you find anything that needs fixing please send us an e-mail and we'll take a look.

See you on the Next Edition!

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