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Tiny Pichu, Giant Onix

Ever since we started developing the game there were discussions on how we should handle HP; after much deliberating, the team finally decided to handle Pokémon HP based on their sizes.

A decision many have questioned, mostly due to their concerns regarding balance and difficulty on the battlefield.

We hear it at least once a week:

“Pokerole Team, how am I ever gonna win a battle against Onix/Steelix/Wailord, etc.?”

We always answer that the key is in the strategy you use.

Recently, we had the good fortune a concerned GM asked us a specific question: How could his player defeat the Lvl. 14 Onix he had prepared as Gym Leader Brock's main Pokémon on a 1vs1 battle. We asked the GM what Pokémon his Player had. His answer: A Pichu. Ours: Give us a minute.

Pichu's only Damaging Move is 'Thunder Shock' and as many of you know, Onix is immune to Electric-Type moves. Now, this isn't the cartoon where the protagonist wins by breaking the Gym's plumbing pipes and isn't somehow charged for the repairs.

No, this is for real, and no amount of water-spraying or horn-aiming will make that Onix receive damage from Pichu's 'Thunder Shock'.

Pichu's Strength and Special are pitiful, its Vitality non-existant and it is barely 1'00” tall. How in the world is it gonna take on a 28'00” Giant Rock Snake?!

Take a moment to think. First you must win the battle in your mind.

Look at the advantages on your Pokémon, even if they're few.

Pichu has access to the Move 'Charm'.

This Lv.14 Onix had 2 points on Strength and Moves with Power 2; Charm will reduce its damage to the minimum, a single die.

Onix also rolled 5 dice to hit with its most accurate Move; but! Pichu's Ability is Static. Everytime Onix tries to damage Pichu, it has a 50% chance to be Paralized, reducing its accuracy dice pool by 2.

But that's not all, as soon as Pichu has dealt just 2 damage (Using the 'Strike' maneuver since 'Thunder Shock' has no effect) Onix will end up Rolling 1 die for damage, and 1 die for accuracy! This Onix is as good as gone!

Still, we needed something to put an end to this Gym Battle once and for all, in the name of all the little Pokémon that believed they could.

Now, order Pichu to go for the Killing Blow!

'Sweet Kiss'

This Move inflicts Confusion on the foe, a confused foe always removes 1 success from all its actions. So now Onix will Never hit Pichu! Even more, everytime it tries, it will hurt itself. Now we have Pichu using Strike, and Onix hitting itself until it faints with no hope of ever winning this battle.

Brock can only watch, astonished.

Pichu would not just win the Battle, surprisingly, it would be completely one-sided!

We want to ask you: Why do you believe the first-ever Gym Leader had one of the most powerful Pokémon in this game? Do you think it is unreasonable to expect a novice to handle that kind of challenge?

Brock's Onix is there to teach you some of the most valuable lessons of Pokémon Training and the principles of Pokémon battles:

• Strategic combat.

• Size doesn't matter.

• Know your Pokemon's advantages.

• Overcome the fear of failure, go for it and give your best.

You can't expect easy wins in a world where everyone is trying to be the best, and sometimes it is easier to claim the system is “broken” than accepting that you are afraid that you won't make it.

As a player, believe you can win, believe in your Pokémon. Train them properly, and you will never lose.

This GM's worries were appeased after reading this strategy, knowing that his player had a rock-solid chance at winning his first medal.

We hope this is the case.

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